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Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeding your face for the day

Ways to get food in your belly when the going gets tough.

For a days worth of food you're going to need about five dollars. Getting the money can be tough but five bucks a day is pretty doable.

~Fast food: If you got a Taco Bell, go to Taco Bell. The dollar menu is very filling there and best choice for value out of the fast food chains. For any restaurant go there when they close and employees should still be there closing for about an hour after. See what food they're throwing out for the day. Try to aim for places that need to make daily food like donut shops, bagel shops, and pizza places.

~Buffets: Places like Cici's and Golden Corral are cheap for an all you can eat buffet. The best part? They're easy to steal food from and walk out. You can get two days worth of food from one trip costing about six to seven bucks. 

~Learn to cook cheap: Noodles and rice can be mixed with seasoning for a filling quick meal you can cook with a hobo stove. Light to carry and cheap to buy.

The dodgy ways:

~"Ask directions": If you have a vehicle go to the first window and just ask directions to the nearest walmart. Pull in between the two windows and fiddle with something in your car and wait for the car behind you to order and pull up to the first window and pay. This is where you pull up to the second window and hope the car behind you ordered a lot of food and take off.

~Order pizza: Call into a pizza place and order 4-5 pizzas about two hours before they close. Say you're going to come in and pick up the pizza in about thirty minutes. Never come in and instead come in right after closing and and pick them up out of the trash. The box should protect them.

~Hotels: Go into a decent hotel in the morning before breakfast and wait away from employees eyes. Come down after breakfast starts and other people have gathered. Eat as much as you want and see if you can carry anything with you.

Last resort ways:

~Dumpster dive: Yeah it's gross but it's free and easy. I haven't come to this yet but I would if it meant I might go hungry. The amount of walking I would do would kill me if I wasn't eating enough.

~Scavenge: Go to the mall or other places where people leave food trays out. You'd be surprised by the amount of uneaten food they just leave.

~Make a friend: When you travel you'd also be surprised the way certain people view vagabonds. Some people are willing to give you a hot meal or a cheap cup of coffee to hear some stories.

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